What you must don’t forget while shopping modified p20 steel.

Modified p20 steel

P20 is assessed as a chrome moly alloy. P20, a 4130, 4135 modified material, has long been the steel of desire for pre-hardened mold steels. Many versions on basis p20 chemistry had been delivered to the market. Each change can have an effect on the diverse procedures used inside the fabrication of a mold.


P20 differs from country to country inside the global marketplace.
Europeans generally use the din spec substances (1.2311 and 1.2312), whilst in japan, px5 is the new popular p20.
The Chinese marketplace is less clean,
Due to the fact the lack of records approximately the substances being used for his or her molds makes it tough for secondary polishing and texturing processors to recognize what they’re dealing with.


As soon as a mould leaves a shop, it usually requires a particular surface finish to be carried out—polish, texture or edm finish. The best of the p20 getting used can affect each component. Four elements determine the exceptional of the surface finish of p20 steels.

Hardness distribution
Percentage of content
Homogeneous distribution of the alloying elements.

HARDENING DISTRIBUTION :- P20 is textured with the aid of the use of an acid to devour away the material. If the hardness of p20 isn’t constant throughout the mold. The texture intensity on the surface will differ.

WELDING:-One of the best worries when texturing p20 is welds that might be inside the mould. The heat-effected zone around the weld may be 15 or greater factors of HRC higher than the base metal. The distinction in texture depth between the 2 areas can be as remarkable as 51 to 61 percent.

PERCENTAGE OF CONTENT :- The variety of factors brought influences how a material polishes or textures. For instance, the sulfur content determines how nicely a p20 polishes. The first-rate p20 in phrases of polishability is most possibly three steel , due to its extremely low sulfur content.

HOMOGENEOUS DISTRIBUTION OF THE ALLOYING ELEMENTS :- P20 is iron blended with alloying elements. How these elements are dispensed inside the matrix of the steel may be very critical. If the distribution isn’t always even during the metal, pockets will shape, leading to voids, hard spots, gentle spots or different imperfections.

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