P20 Steel and P20 mould Steel suppliers in Delhi india.

P20 Steel are the Versatile is a Low-Alloy Steel Plates. P20 Steel mould steel has Good Toughness at a Moderate Strength Level. DIN 1.2311/DIN 1.2738/P20 STEEL/ DIN 1.2316 steel is commonly used for plastic injection moulds cavities and tooling. We have H13 Steel (DIN 1.2344) for die casting dies for zinc. We (Jai Ganesh Steel) Supply Steel Plates All Over India and to Other Countries. Read more

Hot Die Steel H13 suppliers in Delhi

Hot Die Steel/DIN1.2344 and H13 Hot Die Steel is a Versatile, High-Alloy Steel. It is characterized by its High Toughness at Moderate Top Strength Level. H13 STEEL’s main feature of high alloyed Hot Work tool steel is high wear resistance. The H13 Hot Die Steel (DIN 1.2344) is Commonly Used for Hot Work Pressures Die Casting, and Hot Extrusion Work. Read more

M2 High Speed Steels and M35 High Speed Steels

M2 High-Speed Steels and M35 High-Speed plates of steel are very high-performance special steels providing high hardness at temperatures up to 510°C and its high wear resistance, alloying elements like molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, and chromium which can form carbides. is to improve hot hardness, cobalt may also Read more.