P20 tool steel chemical composition


                              AISI- P20 steel

Class Plastic Mould Steel
Type Tool steel
Category Chrome Moly Alloy Steel
Grades U.S           ASTM A681, AISI P20 Steel.

Germany   DIN 1.2311/1.2738Ni

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P20 tool steel chemical composition


P20 Tool Steel is described as a chrome-moly alloy steel, with a carbon content of approximately 0.35 to 0.40. Over time, many variations on basic P20 tool  steel chemical composition have been introduced to the marketplace. Each modification can have an effect on the various processes used in the fabrication of a mold.

 P20 Tool Steel Description:

P20 tool steel is normally prehardened to 29 t0 33 HRC. Good mirror polishability and less texture making finishing easier.It distribute uniform hardness level even across large blocks. Excellent weldability with grate toughness and nitriding properties makes it a primary choice of plastic mould maker.


P20 tool steel chemical composition and structure provide excellent machining and polishing characteristic.


Used for various large-size plastic Mould, precision plastic mould, cars Accessries, Home Appliances, Electronic Equipment plastic mould.

P20 tool Steel CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AISI P20/DIN 1.2311/1.2738N   

   Grades      C     Cr.     Fe.    Mg.     Mo.     P.      Si.      S.      Ni.
   1.2311 0.28-0.4 1.4-0.2 Balance 0.6-0.1 0.30-0.55 .03max  0.2-0.8 .03max .
 1.2738N 0.28-0.4 1.8-2.1 Balance 1.3-1.6 0.15-0.25 .03max  0.2-0.4 .03max 0.9-.1.2


Mechanical Properties:

Plastic mould steel that is usually supplied in a quenched and tempered condition. Good machinability, better polish ability, compared to 1.2312 (AISI P20+S). Similar to AISI P20.

As normally delivered in the hardened and tempered state, hardness is normally 32HRC. No hardening risks, no heat treatment, no distortion to tools. Can be further Nitrided or flame hardened, Normally.


Physical Properties:

Density          0.284 lb/in3 (7861 kg/m3)
Specific Gravity              7.86
Modulus of Elasticity         30 x 106 psi (207 GPa)
Thermal conductivity         24 Btu/ft/hr/°F  41.5 W/m/°K
Machinability         60-65% of a 1% carbon steel


                                         Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
Temperature   ºF in/inºF x106 Temperature  ºC mm/mmºCx106
70-200 6.7 21-93 12.0
70-500 7.2 21-260 12.9
70-1000 7.6 21-538 13.7



  Temperature            P20 tool steel
   ºF  ºC                   HRC
  400  204                 48 – 49
  600  316                 46 – 47
  800  427                 43 – 44
1000  538                 39 – 40
1100  593                 33 – 34
1150  621                 30 – 31

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