Stavax ESR Steel

                           AISI- 420

Class Stainless Steel
Type Tool Steel
Category Stavax ESR Plastic Mould Steel
Grades U.S           AISI 420 Steel

Germany   DIN 1.2083

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stavax ESR Steel
Stavax ESR Plastic Mould Steel

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Product description: Stavax ESR is a high quality stainless steel. Manufactured using clean ESR process. It is plastic mould steel with excellent polishability and corrosion resistance. Customer reviews:

Excellant Quality product of jai ganesh steels – by ,october 11, 2013


Stavax  ESR  Steel is a  high-quality Electroslag Remelted (ESR) stainless steel. Stavax ESR Steel is designed for plastic molds requiring good corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance and a high degree of polishibility. High internal cleanliness and homogeneity are provided by the ESR process.

Stavax ESR SteelAISI420/DIN1.2083


Chemical Analysis:                                                  

Carbon               0.38%

Manganese       0.50%

Chromium       13.60%

Silicon                0.75%

Vanadium         0.30%

 Stavax ESR steel properties:

  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent  polishability.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Good machinability.
  • Good demensional stability during heat treatment.

Stavax ESR Steel Applications:

  • It is used in molding of corrosive plastics such as PVC, Acetates and for molds that runs under humid working and storage condition.
  • Stavax ESR Steel is used in the molding of medical components such as  syringes and analysis vials.
  • It is recommended for the production of optical parts like sunglasses,cameras and lenses.
  • It is suitable for larger molds because of its high hardenabilty feature.

Stavax ESR Steel Benefits:

Stavax ESR Steel Reduce mold maintenance cost as the mold made ​​of Stavax Steel maintains its original surface finish over a long period of time. As compare to non stainless steel, Stavax ESR Steel offers lower production cost through cooling channels that offer clean uniform and consistent cooling cycles times.

Physical Properties:

Modulus of Elasticity     29psix10 (6)         (200 GPa)

Density                                  0.276 lb/in3         (7640 kg/M3)

Thermal Conductivity  14.4 BTU / hr. / Ft. / ​​F 24.9 W / m / ° K)

Heat treatment:

Preheating: 600-850 ° 100 (1110-1560 ° F)Normally a minimum of Two preheating steps required.

Austenitizing : 100 ° 1000-1025 (1830 -1880 ° C) 1020 House usually 100 ° (1870 ° C). For a very large  Mould 1000 100 ° (1830 ° C) Recommended it.

Annealing: Protect the steel and heat through to 740 ° C(1365 ° F). Then cool in the furnace at 15 ° C (30 ° F)per hour to 550 ° C (1020 ° F), then freely in air.

Stress relieving: After rough machining the tool should be heated through to 650 ° C (1200 ° C), holding time 2 hours.Cool slowly to 500 ° C (930 ° F), then freely in air.

Tempering: Tempering at 250-300 ° C (480-570 ° F) results in the best combination of toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance.Holding time at that temperature is minimum 2 hours. HOWEVER, for very large molds  it is recommended to use a high tempering temperature to Reduce the residual stresses to a minimum.

Quenching:  Interrupted oil to below 1000F (540C). Air cool to 150F (65C). Salt bath at 250–550°C, then cool in Airblast.


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