Carbon Steel (plates,sheets & rods)


Class Hot Rolled steel
Type Carbon Steels
Category Hot Work Tool Steel
Grades U.S          AISI 1038,1040,1042.1045Germany  DIN C45,CK55,CK45,CK75,C67

EN           EN8,EN9,EN42.EN42B,EN43,EN45

UK           BS150M36,BS070M55,BS080M50,BS080A40

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C45 Steel


Carbon steel is a alloy steel which is a mixture of iron and carbon. There are other elements that are allowed in carbon steel,to provide it a great level strength. These are manganese, with a 1.60% max, silicon a 0.55% max, and copper 0.55% max. Other elements may be present in the steel in quantities too small to affect its properties.


It is widely use for industrial applications like Shafts, Gears, Bolts, Pins, connecting rods, Rams, Axels, Crankshafts, Studs, Rams, Guide rods, Spindles and Hydraulic clamps etc.

 Carbon Steel Types:

There are three types of carbon steel based on the amount of carbon content.Lower carbon steels are soft in machining and more easily formed and steels with a higher carbon content are harden and stronger, but less ductile and harder to machining and welding.

Low Carbon Steel or mild steel contain carbon content 0.05%  to 0.30%.It is good in machining and easy to shape.

Medium Carbon Steel contain 0.30% to 0.60% carbon content.It is ductile and have good wear resistance properties than low carbon steel.

High Carbon steel  contain 0.60% to 0.96% carbon content.It is very hard and strong material.It is generally use for making springs and wire.

Chemical Compositions:

Carbon Steel composition does not exceed the following limits.

Elements       C      Cu      Mn      P       Si       S
Weight%      1.0     0.60     1.65    0.40     0.60     0.05


Physical Properties:

Density(1000 kg/m3)       7.85
Elastic Modulus(GPa)    190-210
Passion Ratio   0.27-0.30
Thermal Expansion(10-6/K)   11-16.60
Thermal Conductivity(W/m-K)   24.3-65.2
Tensile strength(mpa)   276-1882
Yield strength(mpa)    186-758
Elongation     10-32
Hardness(Brinell 3000kg)     85-380
Melting point(°C)     1000



Carbon Steel has good machine ability like Milling, Drilling, Turning and Tapping in normal as well as in the Hot rolled condition.

 Carbon steel components are widely reckoned for their high tensile strength and dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, our range is offered in various shapes & specifications. We offer these in different grades like EN-8, EN-9, C-40, C-45, C-55, SAE 1040, SAE 1045 and SAE 1050.